Molding children to becoming the leaders of the next generation is and always has been the mission of Eton International School Founder and President Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, She wanted to build a school without borders where the best and brightest in the country can learn alongside each other while celebrating their differences and honoring their uniqueness. She wanted to nurture global leaders using the 21st century teaching approaches that she learned when she studied at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She dedicated her life in empowering kids by studying different teaching and learning styles in the US, UK, and Asia. In 2004, ETON International School started by providing exceptional and top quality education to children. By 2007, the grade school campus was built in the heart of Manila to cater the growing needs of the community.

ETON has always been the forefront of innovation on Education. The school became the first International learning school in the country in 2007 and produced 10 International topnotches in English, Math and Science. It also produced several young artists in the country. From 2008 until today, it topped the International Benchmark Test (IBT) by the Center of Educational Management (CEM) Inc in Mathematics, Science and English. It also received a commendation from Department of Education (DepEd).

In 2012, ETON International School has opened the first 3D School in the Philippines where children can learn Mathematics and Science in 3D, enhancing your every child’s learning retention. On 2017, the Eton Global Institute was inaugurated for the K2 12 Program of the Philippine Education System.