Because of ETON, our child has grown into a student who loves learning and going to school. We also noticed that the curriculum of the school is excellent and the teachers make sure that the topics and the activities are relevant to the kids in each class. They encourage the kids to always do their best and celebrate their accomplishments. With ETON, we are confident that our daughter has a brilliant future ahead of her.”

Mr. & Mrs. Roque

Mr. & Mrs. Buenavista

ETON International School has everything we wanted and expected – a good quality education, a small student-to-teacher ratio, and extra-curricular activities that develop the personality of each child. ETON is indeed a second home to our son, Marcus. He is happy and each day he looks forward to going to school. We truly appreciate the effort of the teachers and staffs for respecting our son’s unique personality, recognizing his individuality and pushing him to his maximum potential.

We are impressed with the caring and friendly attitude of the staff. They have a relativelys small teacher to student ratio (1:12) which makes us complacent that our children are taught well. We are also very impressed with the advanced curriculum of preschoold students, where both of our childer are; lessons in Science, Mathematics, English and other subjects seem to be those that are fore grade school students.

Mr. & Mrs. Selvaratnam