Why choose Eton?
Because Eton is like a second home wherein every student receives personal attention, outstanding pastoral support and care.

Because with an average class size of 12, students benefit from close teacher contact.

Because Eton students excel both in academic and non-academic subjects.

Because Eton integrates technology at all levels – in the teaching, in the parent/school communication, in the grading and reporting process.

Because Eton students are confident, outgoing, accomplished, responsible, fun and sociable. Our students are used to socializing with peers of different nationalities.

Because subjects in Eton are taught in English but every student learns Mandarin Chinese. Eton students are highly conversant in different languages.

Q: What are your start and end dates?
Our school year begins on the second week of June and ends on the last week of March. We have a semester break on the last week of October and we take a two-week vacation for Christmas. We also observe Philippine holidays.

Q: Do you accept children at any time of the school year?
Families from all over the globe are relocated to Philippines at all times of the year and being an international school; we can accommodate new students from June to April. In most cases, majority of new enrolees join us at the start of the academic year in June.

Q: What are the school hours?
Students in the Early Childhood Program (Nursery-Kindergarten) are expected to be in class Monday- Friday, from 9:00 am – 12:00 nn. The grade school students on the other hand, attend their class, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. Our school office is open Monday-Saturday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Q: What are your class sizes?
To promote active teaching and learning inside the classroom, Eton firmly believes that every child must be given special attention; thus, there are only 12 students per class.

Q: How do you determine a child’s grade level?
Eton considers a prospective enrolee’s date of birth as well as the grade or year level that an incoming student has recently completed. For the Early Childhood Program (Nursery-Kindergarten), the developmental readiness of a child is assessed prior to full admission. To ensure academic and social success, students are placed in a grade level wherein they could adapt well with the curriculum and with their social environment.

Q: Are the students required to wear uniform?
As an international school, we recognize that it is important for our students to be properly dressed whilst inside the school campus. Regular students from preschool to grade school are required to wear the prescribed school uniform from Monday-Wednesday. PE uniform is worn every Thursday and Friday. The school uniform can be purchased at Eton.

Q: Do you have bus service?
Eton owns a number of school vans with routes providing service to students who live in Metro Manila. To ensure the safety and welfare of students who availed the Eton School Transport Service, a security guard and a school nanny accompany the children to and fro the school and their residences.

Q: Do students bring their own food or could they purchase it at school?
Preschool students are encouraged to bring their own food/snacks from home. Grade school students can also bring food from home or they also have the option of buying lunch and snacks from the school canteen.

Q: What school supplies are needed?
Textbooks and school supplies are included in the school fees. Bags, notebooks, writing and coloring materials are given on the first day of school.

Q: Will my child be given daily homework?
Assignments are given to reinforce learning at home. The frequency and number of homework given to every student varies every subject. Eton recognizes the importance of family time for this reason no homework is given on weekends and holidays.

Q: How can I monitor my child’s learning progress?
Starting this school year 2011-2012, aside from the Eton Journal, each student will be given a daily feedback form. It details the daily lessons and activities of every student in every subject. Furthermore, an appointment with the class teacher or adviser can be made through the school office (via phone or e-mail) if there are any queries regarding your child’s learning development.

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