Admission Requirements

Eton International School and Eton Global Institute are open to boys and girls who will meet its academic standards and are willing to abide the rules and ideas of the school. In selecting applicants for admission, the following credentials are required.

Birth Certificate Birth Certificate
Health Records Health Records
Alien Certification of Residence (for foreign students) Alien Certification of Residence (for foreign students)
2pcs. ID picture (1×1) 2pcs. ID picture(1×1)
– – – Form 137(report card)
– – – Principal’s recommendation letter/ Certificate of Good Moral Character form from previous school

1. The Accounting Office offers the following payment scheme:

Monthly Payment
12% interest
Quartly Payment
10% interest
Semester Payment
8% interest
1st day of the month 1st day of August 1st week of November
– – – 1st day of September – – –
– – – 1st day of November – – –
– – – 1st day of January – – –

2. Co-curricular events programs and graduation fees are determined by the current cost of materials and production.

3. A fee of PHP 500.00 per document will be charged for request of documents such as certifications, recommendations and transcript of records; request from the school is issued upon payment of a fees to the Accounting Office.

4. All financial matters schould be properly coordinated with the Accounting Office.

5. Parents/Guardians are requested to keep their oficial receipts for any payment done.

6. All fees are non refundable.


1. Parents who wish to withdraw their child from school for any reason during the school year must:

a. Submit a formal letter addressed to the School Principal indicating the reason for pulling out the student from school and accomplish INTENT TO WITHDRAW FORM.

b. Settle all financial obligations with ETON International School administration

2. There will be no refund after the 2nd week of classes.

3. Withdrawal of enrollment is subject to cancellation and processing fee equivalent to the reservation fee.

4. If you are under contract for one year, the said contract will be fully implemented and non-refundable.

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